Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

Our vision for Oasis Academy Silvertown is:

"Ready for University. Ready to Lead."  

Our vision is underpinned by our Oasis Silvertown values: be proud, be professional, be nice, be independent, be resilient. We call these our Silvertown 5 "Be" values

The Royal Docks are once again emerging as one of Britain’s gateways to the world, and we want our young people and their communities to be equipped with the skills to take advantage of the education, employment and training opportunities, at the same time developing in our students a sharp awareness of their place in the global economy. We believe that by utilising the 5 "Be" values in everyday lessons, we can help to better equip our young minds for the world of further study and work. Moreover, we foster strong partnerships with business, community partners, higher education and primary schools, in addition to international links through Oasis Global partnerships.

As part of the community, we feel it is important to encompass the Royal Docks vision of growth, and harbour opportunities for our students and our community:

  1. Developing the Royal Docks as a world-class business destination
  2. Encouraging inward investment in the Royal Docks area, building on the legacy opportunities of the 2012 Games
  3. Ensuring that local people have access to the opportunities created
  4. Making the Royals Docks a great place to live with improved local connections and a revitalised waterfront
  5. Making the Royal Docks a model of green enterprise and environmental sustainability
  6. Developing attractions that will create a thriving visitor and tourist economy

School place planning projections for the London Borough of Newham show that there will be a need for a new secondary school in the area over the next few years. Our aim is to create an Academy which will both meet this critical need and offer families a new, excellent, local co-educational academy. We hope to offer families an alternative to sending their children to school out of the borough, or attending a school which is not suited to their interests and needs. We aim to invest in Silvertown and in the future of children and young people in the borough.

Oasis will develop a community ‘Hub’ around the new Academy in partnership with local statutory, community and voluntary organisations. Oasis Hubs are centres of activity that provide integrated, high quality and diverse services to benefit the whole person and the whole community. In Silvertown, drawing on Oasis’ experience of nearly 30 years in family, youth and community work we will adopt a holistic approach, offering a diverse range of provision to students, their families and the wider community, for example holiday clubs, youth groups, debt advice, and a Foodbank.

Each student's education is a careful balance between practical training and academic learning. Students at Oasis Academy Silvertown study all the National Curriculum core subjects. We are also developing more innovative approaches to teaching and learning. The Academy operates a totally inclusive admissions policy, accepting students irrespective of faith or ability.

The Academy’s goal is to create an environment where students 'want' to learn rather than 'have' to learn. 

We are setting ourselves ambitious targets to ensure that our students have an ‘outstanding’ education from the day they join us.

We want to go further than this, however, and ensure that our young people are enthusiastic, confident, creative and resilient.