Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


2021 - 2022 Term Dates

Autumn Term

Start of Term - Tuesday 7th September 2021

End of Term - Friday 17th December 2021

Half Term - Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October 2021

INSET - 1st and 2nd September and 22nd October 2021

Spring Term

Start of Term - Wednesday 5th January 2022

End of Term - Friday 1st April 2022

Half Term - Monday 14th February to Friday 18th February 2022

INSET - 4th January 2022

Summer Term

Start of Term - Tuesday 19th April 2022

End of Term - Tuesday 19th July 2022

Half Term - Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2022

INSET - 19th April 2022 and 24th June 2022


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We do insist that our students do not take holidays during our published term time- we have high expectations for attendance and we can't afford to miss any learning time. Term time holiday will not be authorised by the Principal. 


Staff training days, where the academy will be closed to students, will be taking place on:  

1st and 2nd September 2021

22nd October 2021

4th January 2022

19th April 2022

24th June 2022

May Bank Holiday

2nd May 2020

Exceptional Closure Days

20th July 2022 and 21st July 2022