Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Our commitment to enrichment ensures that every student engages in a variety of enrichment days, visits, activities and workshops as well as having the opportunity to attend optional extra-curricular clubs. This is designed to add depth and breadth to our provision, allowing students to meet professionals, explore their talents, follow their interests and develop curiosity and interest in areas outside of the formal curriculum.

Enrichment Days

All students participate in four enrichment days each academic year. Prior to the day, students make choices about which activities they would like to complete. There are no usual lessons on enrichment days, as all students take part in workshops, trips or activities linked to the enrichment day theme.

·         Healthy Living Enrichment Day: sports, mindfulness, healthy eating, fitness and the great outdoors

·         STEM Enrichment Day: visiting science museums, engineering workshops, meeting professionals working in STEM careers

·         Expressive Arts Enrichment Day: watching, playing, singing, creating and making.

·         Community Enrichment Day: volunteering in local community projects, litter picking, reading in primary schools and meeting local residents

Monday Enrichment

All Year 7-9 students attend an enrichment group on Mondays from 3:15-4:15pm.

Year 7 complete three enrichment groups throughout the year:

-          Debating

-          ICT skills

-          Sports

Year 8 and 9 choose three enrichment groups throughout the year. Students can currently choose from costume design, chess, running, drumming, drama, photography, girls’ football or volunteering at the local community centre.