Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Purpose of Study

We believe that every student is entitled to a deep understanding of Mathematics. Therefore, it is important that we support all students in developing their mathematical thinking in order to improve their facility in learning key mathematical ideas and processes, and as an end in itself. Students must be encouraged to explore, recognise patterns, hypothesise and generalise in their learning. With careful planning, even seemingly straightforward tasks can be converted into opportunities for students to investigate, seek solutions, make new discoveries and reason about their findings. We use tasks and activities that focus on taking an exploratory, problem-solving approach, promoting open-ended questions and points for discussion throughout. We promote a growth mind-set belief that all children can achieve regardless of their background.

Learning is more effective when it is understood. Whilst students can memorise facts, definitions and procedures without knowing why, such learning is neither efficient nor desirable. Whatever the age of the student, we believe a ‘relational’ understanding of Mathematics is more powerful, long lasting and useful than an ‘instrumental’ understanding. This depth of understanding is achieved through the three key principles to our approach, students’ mathematical language, thinking and understanding. Depth of understanding is also developed through students’ communication about Maths using the correct Mathematical language. Being asked to explain, justify and prove their ideas deepens a student’s understanding of a concept. We want students to think like mathematicians, not just DO the Maths.


·        To enable students to make connections between previous learning and their current thinking and deepen their understanding through the application of a concept.

·        To foster students independence for learning through research and seeking information.

·        To enable students to experiment, make theories and or predictions.

·        To enable students to improve their analytical and reasoning skills and apply them to real life situations by solving problems and looking for solutions. 

·        To enable students to become fluent in using mathematical language as this is a key factor in developing their mathematical vocabulary and presenting a mathematical justification, argument or proof.

·        To develop a lifelong appreciation for Mathematics reinforced by confidence and a belief that they can be fluent at solving mathematical problems.

·        We live in a mathematical driven world and at Oasis Academy Silvertown; our aim is for students to appreciate Mathematics both inside and outside the classroom.  Students are given the opportunity to explore Mathematics outside the classroom through our STEM enrichment opportunities. Mathematics is a universal language. The skills and lessons taught can be applied to anywhere and everywhere! 

·        We believe every child can succeed to meet their fullest potential in order to attain their post-16 aspirations. It is our desire that Mathematics become the pathway for students.

Mathematics Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1    


Summer 2



Making generalisations about the number system

Making generalisations about the number system

2D Geometry



The Cartesian Plane


Ratio and Proportion


Prime numbers, factorisation and calculating with fractions


2D Geometry

Proportional Reasoning


3D Geometry


Coordinates, linear graphs, proportion and  standard form

Algebraic expressions

2D Geometry

Equations and Inequalities







Geometry and Number

Sampling and Probability

Applications of Algebra