Religious Education (RE)

Purpose of Study

The RE curriculum is designed to ensure all students are religiously literate and have the cultural capital to access conversations, literature and current affairs that mention religions.

RE at Oasis Silvertown also develops students' ability to express and defend their own beliefs, whilst wholeheartedly respecting the views of others, at our school and in life beyond the school community.

Finally, it prepares them to excel at the GCSE to allow them to achieve their aspirations for the next stage of their life.


The Oasis Academy Silvertown curriculum for RE aims to ensure students can:

·        Explain factual information about religions, including their key beliefs and practices

·        Analyse how beliefs and practices will effect believers in the modern world

·        Compare religions

·        Understand that there is division within religions and explain why people within a religion disagree with each other

·        Use religious scripture to fully explain a religious belief or practice

·        Argue their own opinion on religious and ethical issues using logical reasoning, evidence and reference to religious scripture

·        Argue a view that is not their own on religious and ethical issues using logical reasoning, evidence and reference to religious scripture

·        Take part in debates: sharing their own opinions and beliefs confidently and listening and responding to others’ views

·        Apply their understanding of religion outside of the classroom

·        Visit places of worship

 RE Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1     Summer 2



(why are people religious?)

Introduction to Studying World Religions (the major world religions)

Introduction to Studying World Religions (other religions and world views)

Arguments for and against God

Festivals and communities

Rites of Passage



(why do people within a religion disagree?)

The origins of Judaism

Jewish practices in the modern world

Life of Jesus

Life of Jesus 2

Muslim sources of authority and their interpretation in the modern world


Hinduism (Karma, reincarnation and the Caste System)

Sikhism and Buddhism

(Equality and suffering)

Introduction to Religious Ethics

Applied Ethics (Abortion and Euthanasia)

Applied Ethics (War)


Christian beliefs

Christian practices

Hindu beliefs

Hindu practices

Religion and Life

Religion, Peace and Conflict


Relationships and Families

Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice