Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


“Knowledge is Power”

Purpose of Study

To develop young people who have the foundations to flourish in a scientific career and who understand the world around them.


Our aims: Oasis Science is founded on three core strands. We believe that these are integral for a successful Science curriculum!

Knowledgeable students

We want our students to be knowledgeable, curious learners who are able to apply their learning to the real world. We also want our students to be able to use scientific language confidently, plan and run investigations to test scientific theories and be able to critically analyse data and evidence provided to them.   Our curriculum prepares our learners to better understand the world they live in and make informed and wise choices.  The Oasis Science Curriculum prepares students with the fundamental knowledge needed to pursue a range of careers from medicine, to engineering, from astrophysics to careers in geo science.

Knowledgeable teachers

The Oasis Science Curriculum ensures that our teachers, at all stages of their career, are confidently developing the scientific Knowledge and skills of their students. Our curriculum ensures teachers have time to differentiate lessons for their students and are able to be consistent throughout their lesson sequences with other teachers within their departments with regards to their scientific terminology, lesson structure and assessments in order to share best practice and co-plan. 

Knowledgeable leaders

The Oasis Science Curriculum ensures Curriculum Leaders are not spending time ‘re-inventing’ the wheel.We want our Curriculum Leaders to be able to spend time effectively developing subject specific pedagogy within their teams, tracking the progress of their students and comparing this across not only their own schools but those within our network so that they can confidently identify gaps in students learning and put in place effective strategies to address these.

Science Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Types of reaction



Interdependence and cell

Reproduction and variation


Periodic table and materials

Chemical Reactions and the environment

Waves and Pressure

Electricity and Magnetism


Energy from food


Keeping Healthy



Chemistry Fundamentals


Investigative Chemistry


Energy and Waves



Cell Biology


Communicable Diseases



Human Biology

Plant Biology

Nuclear Physics, Radiation and Magnetism

Electricity and Astrophysics


Reacting Substances

Humans and the Earth



Evolution and Systems


Organic Chemistry & polymers

Application of forces

Retrieval and Application of Knowledge